About Kristine Elezaj

Kristine Elezaj

Born in NYC but based in LA, Kristine Elezaj got her start at the famed Sugar Bar in New York City. On one evening, the duo Ashford & Simpson were in the audience. They then began singing backup vocals on Kristine's rendition of Aretha Franklin's song, "Respect".

She has said the following regarding the incident, "After the show, Nick came up to me and said he wanted to help me. He ended up being my mentor and encouraged me to continue to write. I took his advice and since have worked very hard. I've blossomed from those days and will always be humbly grateful".

Kristine Elezaj  and Band

Currently promoting her latest single, "Over & Over", a song that embodies her interpretation of feeling lost in love. It also reflects the progression of what love matures and transcends into. Writing and singing about love is one of her favorite topics and one she connects with deeply. The video released on July 20th, 2018, was directed by Jose Omar Hernandez who also shot Justin Bieber's "Purpose" and “The Movement" videos. 

Kristine's sound features a mix of powerful, soulful, urban, world-influenced, pop anthems. Her music delivers a sense of newfound vulnerability. It's a feeling that emerges when one decides to be comfortable with trusting oneself and the creative process.  Trusting her instincts, Kristine embraced her new identity and began creating her newly evolved sound.

Recently, she was featured in the TOP 20 of Macy's iHeart Radio Ringing Star Contest and Billboard Magazine has called her a cross between Britney Spears and Rihanna. With over 300k in collective streams from previous releases, “Over & Over” is set to breakthrough on many streaming playlists. Kristine Elezaj has no intentions of slowing down for 2018 and plans to continue to release additional singles within the upcoming months.

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"Love is one of my favorite topics to write about"